Autopay, created in 2019, is a system for fast and automatic online and offline payments. It was initially used to support automatic payments for motorway journeys in Poland; today, it can also be used at car washes, car parks and petrol stations, and the scope of the service is being systematically expanded.

Which motorways in Poland does the application operate on?

The Autopay system is already in operation at all gates on the A1 AmberOne Motorway and on the A4 Motorway between Kraków and Katowice. This means that when driving between Gdańsk and Toruń or between the capital cities of Lesser Poland and Silesia you no longer have to wait in long queues to pass through the gates

Starting from 1 December 2021, the toll collection system for passenger cars and motorcycles (vehicles under 3.5 tonnes of gross vehicle weight) will be changed on the tolled sections of the A2 Motorway Konin - Łódź section and the A4 Motorway Wrocław - Gliwice section managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. The e-TOLL system will replace the manual toll collection system, which will remain in force until 30 November this year.

What is e-TOLL and how does it work?

e-TOLL is a new electronic toll collection system for motorways based on GPS technology, which replaces the previous solutions. The change applies to all light vehicles, i.e., passenger cars, motorcycles and vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes of gross vehicle weight.

As of 1 December 2021, in certain sections, every driver must have a valid motorway ticket when travelling. Otherwise, a fine of PLN 500 may be imposed. The new system does not allow the purchase of a vignette; therefore a ticket must be purchased before each trip.

What is videotolling and how does it work?

Gates on motorways supporting videotolling are equipped with cameras that recognize the plate number of the approaching vehicle added in the Autopay app and automatically raise the barrier. When you exit the gate, the toll due will be taken from the linked payment card or added to your Play phone bill.

The entire process takes a few seconds at most.

Private and fleet trips

Autopay Flota is a revolutionary alternative to other toll payment solutions. It supports mobile as well as certified OBU, ZSLe solutions. You can use Autopay to pay for almost every kilometre of toll road in Poland, no matter if you drive a passenger car or a truck. Supported sections and systems include:

  • e-TOLL system on all public roads (including A2 Konin - Stryków and A4 Bielany Wrocławskie – Sośnica section for passenger vehicles)
  • videotolling system on private motorway sections (Amber One A1 and the Kraków - Katowice section of the A4).

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