Car parks

Convenient payment for parking. In cooperation with various entities, Autopay makes it possible to automatically pay for entry to indoor car parks in Poland.

How does it work?

In case of already registered users of Autopay, you should simply activate the ‘Parking’ option on your account at Autopay.pl or in the Autopay mobile app. New users must register with the system using the Autopay app or the Autopay.pl website. Simply enter your vehicle details (model, plate number) and link your user profile to your payment card.

Vehicle identification itself at the parking gates is based on the plate number. The devices installed on the gates read the plate number and automatically raise the barrier. The entire procedure takes 3 seconds. The payment is collected immediately upon exiting the car park - no need to search for parking tickets or wait in line at the machine.

Development potential

“Thanks to the cooperation with NaviParking, the number of parking places that can be automatically paid for using Autopay is extended by another 720 spaces, offering our users almost 6,500 parking spaces all over Poland... and this is just the beginning. With Autopay, the driver automates all the most important activities related to their vehicle - driving on motorways, parking in cities, and using services at car washes. Importantly, our solution has been recently tailored to entrepreneurs with car fleets” - says Robert Mikoś, Product Manager at Autopay Mobility, the operator of Autopay service.

Which car parks in Poland?

Autopay is gradually expanding its cooperation with NaviParking by offering users automatic payments for parking in a growing number of car parks. Currently, Autopay users can use the app to pay for parking at six indoor car parks: Novotel Warszawa Centrum, Mercure Warszawa Grand, Novotel Katowice Centrum (all three in cooperation with NaviParking) and Parking za Bramką in Poznań, Galaxy in Szczecin and Galeria Młociny in Warsaw.

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