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We have developed an advanced system of automatic verification used by banks, factoring companies, credit bureaus, lending companies.
The system has been already successfully verified by the market: We carry out 110 000 verifications and verify customers of 55 companies monthly.

Automatic verification may be carried out in three different ways.

The customer can choose their preferred verification method.

1. Verification transfer

The customer initiates a verification transfer of EUR 0,01. All the data required for the transfer are generated automatically during the whole process – the customer does not leave your website

2. Mobile apps

The customer sends the data via a special mobile app (Google Play and AppStore) previously downloaded to their smartphone.

3. Autopay ID

The customer enters login and password to their account without leaving your website. The data required for verification are downloaded directly from their account.

The processes take place according to the latest General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR).

How can you benefit from our solution?

Immediate verification of your new customer’s identity.

A convenient solution that allows you to carry out the verification process 100% online.

A modern and 100% secure tool that uses the latest encryption methods

You receive customer’s data in real time, and the customer does not even have to leave the browser’s window during the whole process.

We guarantee

SLA > 99,9%

Quick performance
due to high capacity gateway

constant supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the National Bank of Poland

we provide IT support and 24-hour monitoring 7 days a week

Would you like to implement such solutions at your company?

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Automatic verification can help your business

We have created a modern system for automatic verification, which is used by the largest Polish banks, lenders, credit information bureaus, and factoring companies. All this because the system is an extremely effective way to quickly confirm the identity of a new customer. Thanks to it, difficult and often time-consuming tasks become simple and do not require any effort.

Why use automatic verification?

We adhere to one key principle – if you can help and speed things up, do it. Sticking to this principle, we design and implement further solutions that automate tedious activities, thus increasing the efficiency of processes and freeing the potential of employees, which may in turn be directed to channels requiring greater creativity.

Also with this idea in mind, we have been working on a solution that allows automatic verification of the identity of a potential customer. Considering that every day thousands of potential customers are interested in benefiting from bank or other lenders’ offers, we have saved our clients many thousands of hours that they had to sacrifice so far, to effectively verify whether their potential client is who they say they are and whether they should be allowed to benefit from the offer.

Is the automatic verification system effective?

The system has already been successfully verified on the Polish market. The automatic verification is currently used by several dozencompanies from various sectors and we carry out over 100,000 verifications per month. Automatic verification can be performed in three convenient ways. The first method, particularly popular among banks and loan institutions, is an instant verification transfer. The customer only has to request a symbolic value transfer without leaving the service provider’s website. All data necessary to carry out the transaction are completed automatically. After the process has been completed, the amount transferred is returned to the customer’s account.

Automatic verification can also be performed using a dedicated free mobile app. The customer only needs to download the app from Google Play or the AppStore and send their data via the app. The last method is based on the Autopay ID solution – the customer provides a login and password to his bank account without leaving the service provider’s website. The data needed for verification is collected directly from his account. Our solutions are effective, reliable and, above all, 100% safe. All processes are precisely secured and are carried out in accordance with the latest regulations of the European Parliament and the EU Council regarding personal data processing (GDPR). 

In conclusion, if so far your employees have been wasting many hours on verifying the identity of your potential customers, you can easily put an end to this and use their potential in activities that cannot be automated. Customer verification can be done instantly and fully automatically. The entire process takes place 100% online and is completely safe. The reliability of our system is over 99.9%. For instant verification transfers, we use our own payment gateway, which allows us to guarantee the highest speed of action. Additionally, we provide our clients with constant IT support – 24 hours per day, seven days a week.