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Pay by link

A type of payment that consists in automatic transfer form filling and a simple authorization of the transaction executed by your customer.

Payment with card

We handle payments from the two largest organizations: Visa International and MasterCard – in four currencies: PLN, GBP, USD, EUR

Instant transfer

A system that enables the execution of instant money transfers from banks that do not offer the Pay by link option


The latest non-cash mobile payment method via smartphone bank application.

One-click payments

This method allows instant payments with no need for the customer to enter all their payment card authentication data each time.

Recurrent payments and subscriptions

Unattended payments made by charging the payment card that was added into the system by the payer. The customer authorizes the payment with card once and the subsequent payments are made without the payer taking any actions.

Benefits for your business

Increase in sales

The availability of customer’s favourite payment methods contributes to an increase in the number of orders and the value of the very shopping cart, which will translate directly into your income

100% security

We know how important for your customers a full security of their personal and transaction data is; therefore, each transaction is protected by the SSL protocol.

Higher quality of services

The concern about the availability of the preferred payment method is not only recognized but also appreciated by customers. It is a way to stand out and built long-term relations.

What makes our automatic payment system different?
• aesthetical appearance • whitelabel option • adjustment to mobile devices • reliability of the SLA > 99,9% • easy returns • instant payments • high functionality • stability •

But that is not the whole story yet!


We also offer prepaid card top-ups for all mobile networks in the world.

You can use a universal mechanism that allows prepaid mobile phone users to top up their accounts in any network. Our system is used by mobile network operators and banks that offer it as an additional electronic banking service. Thanks to our platform, each one of your customers can top up any prepaid number: online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The system supports top-ups via online banking and bank mobile apps.

Benefits for business or what the bank will gain

Possibility to make an additional service of prepaid mobile top-ups via online banking available for the customers.

Continuous access to sales statistics via top-up transactions monitoring system

Additional source of income.

We provide: instant money transfers • free service maintenance • 24-hour technical monitoring • complaint processing

Automatic payments will boost your business. Providing tools for automatic payments is a key area of our business. Currently, our solutions are used by over 8,000 online stores in Poland and by 20 million of their clients.

Why our automatic payments are so eagerly chosen by clients?

First of all, because we have developed them based on the daily behaviour of online store customers. We know exactly what payment methods are trusted by them most and these are exactly the methods available within our payment gateway. The most popular payment methods include: 

● pay by link, i.e. an instant transfer – all data from the form are completed automatically, and the customer only needs to make a simple transaction authorization;  BLIK, i.e. the latest form of mobile payments – to order an automatic payment, the customer only needs the access to the mobile app of their bank, confirming the transaction by entering a special code;

payment by debit or credit card – we support payments by Visa and MasterCard, i.e. the two largest and most popular suppliers;

We also allow our clients to introduce automatic recurring and subscription payments, which are particularly useful in the case of subscription services.

What are the benefits of automatic payments?

The most important change observed by customers who implemented automatic payments was the increase in sales. This is due to a simple fact. The availability of customers’ favourite payment methods contributes to the increase in the number of customers, orders placed by them and the value of their carts, which translates directly into the income of the online store. 

Providing your customers with the option to choose their favourite payment method, you also show that you care about them, and this  means that the quality of customer service is assessed higher by them. In this way, you will build long-lasting and stronger relationships with your customers and you will increase the chance that they recommend your shop to their relatives.

Are automatic payments safe?

The safety of each transaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we use modern and proven methods of encrypting personal and transactional data in our solutions. Your data and data of your clients are 100% safe. Due to the fact that we are a National Payment Institution, we are under con stant supervision of state institutions, including the National Bank of Poland. 

Additional reasons that you should use our automatic payment system are: a transparent and aesthetic appearance of our tools, which facilitates their use and adaptation to mobile devices, which increases the conversion level,  It allows you to immediately send a message to a specific recipient and thus helps to achieve the established business or communication goals. If your company needs such a solution – please contact us.