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We have created an advanced communication system used by banks, insurance companies, debt collection agencies, call centres, B2B.
SMS or e-mail communication is used e.g. for:Marketing, Authorizations, Debt collection, Providing information

Reach your customers

Since most of us practically hang on to their phones, communication via SMS is the effective way to deliver a message at time regardless of where the recipient is.


Benefit from reliable solutions

We have developed an advanced system for sms and e-mail messaging that is successfully used not only by banks but also by shops, and bulk invoice issuers. Try a user friendly, cost effective and reliable solution for communication with your customers.











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An effective channel of SMS and e-mail communication with your customers

Mass campaigns handling possibility (even > 1 million messages per day)

A convenient and secure authorization of access and transactions

Greater efficiency in terms of debt collection and preliminary collection of receivables

We guarantee

SLA > 99,9%

Quick performance
due to high capacity gateway

balanced load on the app

Back-up environment
two PVC managers

And see what we can offer you.

Automatic communication solutions are now available also for your business.

Until now, modern, advanced tools for automatic communication using text messages and e-mails were available mainly for large banks, insurance agencies or debt collection companies with huge budgets for innovative solutions. From now on, you can also use them to communicate with your clients more efficiently and strengthen your relationships.
Since we made our tools available to the broad market, online stores, call centers, SaaS platforms, energy suppliers, bulk invoice issuers, sports organizations, independent publishers, public benefit institutions, local government bodies, and even universities have started using them.

How does the automatic communication help?

Thanks to our tools, you can instantly provide your recipients with any information. The key advantage is that you can be sure that the message will reach the right person immediately, because most people do not leave their phones even for a moment. Automatic communication is used by our clients for marketing, authorization, debt collection and information purposes, among other things. Owners of online stores inform their clients via text messages or e-mails about sales, dedicated special offers, changes in order statuses or about an upcoming delivery. They are able to effectively improve communication with customers and thus gain their loyalty.
On the other hand, local governments use our tools for automatic communication, especially when they want to provide residents with very important and urgent information, such as a warning against an impending windstorm or flood. Thanks to the rapid distribution of information, the authorities can take care of the residents’ safety in advance. An SMS or e-mail is also a good way to remind you of an upcoming waste disposal day or an upcoming housing community meeting.
Automatic messages are also used by different service providers to remind their customers of the upcoming payment date, which significantly increases the debt collection rate. Therefore, it has a positive impact on the company’s cash flow. The automatic, bulk SMS and e-mail sending offers great opportunities, and the ways our clients use our solutions show us that we have created a really useful and necessary tool that facilitates and improves the communication as well as makes it more effective.

The efficiency of our system for automatic communication.

Using Autopay, our clients can quickly and efficiently manage mass communication and send over one million e-mails and text messages per day. Our system is stable, its reliability is > 99.9%, and the high gate capacity guarantees the desired speed of operation.
In summary, Autopay is, among other things, a modern tool enabling effective, automatic communication between a company or an organization and its clients or members. It allows you to immediately send a message to a specific recipient and thus helps to achieve the established business or communication goals. If your company needs such a solution – please contact us.