We create to satisfy the needs and offer new possibilities.

E-commerce knows no limits. With the right and well-developed key processes, you successfully reach your customers the world with your offer. If you are to enter the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and are looking for an experienced business partner you can trust – Blue S.A. is at your disposal.

We provide tools for automatic payments, verification and communication. Every day, we millions of transactions ordered by of companies that have trusted us. them are: online stores, the largest Polish banks, public benefit institutions, universities and housing communities. We have implemented the first system in Poland automatic payment of motorway tolls a mobile app.

We provide comprehensive services, seamless and frictionless transactions as well as support of an experienced team that will your company to enter new markets.  more than 20 million Poles shop online and pay using our tools. By working us, you enable them to use solutions they know, love and trust.

Every day hundreds of companies rely on our solutions by communicating with their customers and allowing them to settle payments quickly and safely, or top up prepaid mobile phones, and thereby expanding company’s offer and improving the quality of their services.

You can do this as well. Discover our solutions for business.

Online payments

We provide a set of tools for multichannel online payment processing, including e.g. Pay by link, instant transfers, or payment cards.

Instant transfers

We provide an instant way of interbank money transfers used e.g. in the case of verification transfers.

Mobile top-ups

A universal mechanism that allows users of any mobile network to top up their prepaid mobile phones. It is implemented by mobile network operators and banks, among other institutions.

Mass communication via SMS and e-mail

We offer an advanced and convenient customer communication management system for marketing, authorization, or debt collection purposes

International money transfers

A secure and user friendly system for international money transferring, and namely from Germany to Ukraine and from Germany to Poland.

Our solutions are used by banks, insurance companies, debt collection call centres, telecommunication companies, online shops, solutions, energy suppliers, state institutions, sports organizations, publishers and sales platforms.